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Books September 2, 2008

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Hello, my name is Jenn and I am a bookaholic.

Whew, am I glad to get that off my chest. Reading is my thing, my hobby, my pastime, my joy, my vacation I get to take every day. Which is why I’m a little miffed at this whole ‘work’ thing interfering with my reading time. Recently, I’ve had some time off from work and since my field trip program hasn’t started yet, I have most of my mornings free, leaving me lots of delicious reading time. But as time goes by, my windows of literary opportunity get smaller and smaller, usually leaving me dangling mid-sentence or forcing me to leave my people in some desperate situation, which only my page-turning can solve. People that don’t love books don’t understand; you have to finish the chapter OR ELSE. You can’t just leave someone hanging off the edge of a cliff by one finger for an entire day while you go around dancing and singing. It just isn’t right.

Currently, I am working through several books. My habit of reading multiple books at one time used to drive my mom crazy – in fact it still might, the subject hasn’t come up recently – but I can’t help myself. To me, books are like choosing an outfit to wear or a wine to drink; it has to match my mood. At all times I need a fluffy fiction or comedy, historical fiction, thriller/mystery and something for work, like a book on theatre or dance. This week’s selection includes Undomestic Goddess, A Breath of Snow & Ashes, Interview with a Vampire and Theatre for Community Conflict & Dialogue, all stellar choices to fit any whim. Raining and thundering outside? Vampires, please. Bubble bath time? Chic lit, please. Problems at work? Voganova, please. If only everything in life was as easy to suit. 🙂