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Brilliant Ideas January 18, 2010

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     1) There should be personal ads for socks. Entries would consist of the following.

     Single white ankle sock with pink trim seeks mate of the same description.
     Must love tennis.
     Seeking: Unmatched argyle with character.
     Toe reinforcement a plus.
     Sexy thigh high seeks slinky mate for evening rendezvous. 
     Rips, runs or tears need not apply.

     2) All Mexican restaurants should convert to electronic menus equipped with a menu-specific search engine. The customer would type in the items they want on their plate (taco, chile relleno, tostada, rice, beans), and the number of the combination containing these items would appear. This highly efficient system would revolutionize the industry by simplifying customer selection and cutting down on the quantity of special orders. This would also completely eliminate embarassing mispronunciations of foreign foods.

     3) An Emergency Lane at 24-hour stores like Wal-Mart or Kroger. We have all abided by the code of the 15 Items or Less Lane, which I think means that we deserve an Emergency Lane for good behavior. The 24-hour Emergency Lane would provide lightning-speed checkout for people in the midst of crisis, i.e., First Aid Kits, batteries or toilet paper. Obviously, special dispensation would have to be allowed for new mothers, or husbands running errands on national holidays. While the Emergency Lane may go unused for hours at a stretch, customers would appreciate it in their time of need. Let’s face it; no one buys a plunger at two in the morning without having a serious problem on their hands.


Wishin’ and Hopin’ February 5, 2009

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Dear I.R.S.,

Please cancel my subscription.


Superstitions October 8, 2008

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Most people that spend enough time around me know that I’m kind of superstitious. My paranoia isn’t to the extent that it disrupts my life, but manifests itself in the little things that I do every day. When I get out of bed, I always step on my right foot first. I don’t know that this is based on a superstition, so much as I was always told not to get out on the ‘wrong’ foot. I twist the stems off of my apples while reciting the alphabet, to find out the initials of my true love. This one works out well for me, seeing as Vann has eight possibilities scattered all over the alphabet.

I do not pick up pennies that are tails-side-up. If I spill salt, I will throw it over my left shoulder without even a second thought. I do not ever, ever wish someone ‘good luck’ before a show. Again, these little activities aren’t things that I think about all the time, but they are silly old wives’ tales that I observe.

A couple of days ago, there was a pair of shoes on the table in the theatre’s front office. Naturally, I took them off of the table and put them on the floor…you know…so the person who put them there wouldn’t have bad luck for the rest of the day. One of my friends/coworkers looked at me like I was insane and asked me why I moved her son’s shoes. When I told her about the No Shoes on the Table Rule she said simply ‘no, its shoes on the bed that brings bad luck. Put them back on the table.’

Well, I had never heard anything about shoes on the bed, so I left the shoes on the floor and wished her good luck. I tried to go on with my day, but I couldn’t. This was bothering me. I marched back to the office, stood right in front of her and demanded without preamble ‘what’s so unlucky about shoes on the bed?’
‘I don’t know,’ she said, ‘what’s so scary about shoes on the table?’
‘Um, mostly the fact that they’re unlucky,’ I retorted.
‘Well, seeing as they aren’t, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.’

With nothing left to say on the subject, I simply stepped over the shoes, walked away and spent the rest of the day wondering what indeed was so troublesome about shoes on the table – or the bed – that made them taboo? You know, other than the fact that somewhere, centuries ago, someone else said that it was bad luck, probably just to keep her kids from getting things dirty. Until I get a more satisfying answer, I’ll just leave my shoes on the floor where they belong.


My Dream Come True September 15, 2008

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I was blessed in life with a singularly fantastic childhood, with one drastic exception. You see, I was not allowed to have yummy cereals that were bright, colorful, sugary, marshmallowy, chocolatey, fruity, gooey, frosty, sticky or – how shall I phrase this? – tasty in any way. This mandate pretty well limited my cereal intake to plain Shredded Wheat, Cheerios or Alpha-Bits, which were just like Cheerios but shaped like all letters of the alphabet, not just ‘o’s, and seem to no longer exist. I was also permitted to eat Rice Krispies, but without marshmallow goo holding them together, eating them was just too much work for too little pleasure. The ‘snap, krackle, pop’ mantra only happened if you put them in milk, which I don’t believe in using on cereal.

That’s right, I said it. I don’t believe in milk on my cereal…or anything else for that matter. Milk is merely an ingredient used to achieve other greatnesses, such as ice creams, cheeses and chocolate. In its grocery store form of undiluted cow’s mucus, milk shall never touch my cereal nor my lips.

That said, when I reached adulthood, I started at one end of the cereal aisle and worked my way all the way to the other; no small feat. Favorites include Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Golden Grahams, Honey O’s and Honey Bunches of Oats, with or without almonds. Since most of the General Mills cereals come fortified, and since I typically eat them as snacks out of sandwich bags while I’m at work, even the bad ones aren’t tragically unhealthy. Arguably, the most healthy choice listed is Honey Bunches of Oats, which has become a routine favorite in my household, mostly because Vann will eat them as well. I guess what makes them so good is that they walk the line between ‘adult’ cereal with healthy corn flakes and almonds and ‘kid’ cereal with the honey roasting and the bunches – oh, the bunches! those delectable bunches – making it a perfect compromise for the two of us.

Well guess what, America! Introducing JUST BUNCHES cereal, from the same fine folks who brought you Honey Bunches of Oats. You read that correctly, JUST BUNCHES is exactly what the name implies. Sweet, granola-like bunches dipped in honey to make them perfectly sweet, salty and crunchy all at the same time. Who could ask for anything more from a cereal? They make a delectable snack for the dance teacher on the go, but I feel that they may have other uses as well. So far I have had them solo, a la mode, a la yogurt, and as a crunchy addition to my apple pie filling. I feel that this cereal’s limits may know no bounds.

In conclusion, I encourage all lovers of cereals, granola and snacks to experiment with this newfangled delicacy. Please remember to report back to me with your findings. I thank you.