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About February 1, 2008

Death of a Ballerina

I work at a non-profit youth theatre teaching acting, dancing and other creative things. I am married to a guy who makes me smile every day and who also makes the best spaghetti sauce. We have two very large, very floppy cats named after Shakespearian lovers, even though they are really brother and sister. Since we live in Georgia, this is okay.
I have great friends, great family, great shoes and a great faith in God for making every day livable. I am also long-winded.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Noah Says:

    “Since we live in Georgia, this is okay.” Ouch lol. BTUU, you’re on my blogroll so i suggest returning the favor. hint.

  2. kylebaxter Says:

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I just now caught it in my Dashboard. To what do I owe this honor? Thanks for reading. I’ll make sure to peruse your blog very soon and add you to mine.

    I assume your cats are named Romeo and Juliet. I can’t imagine you would name them Dionyza and Cleos. But if you did, do I get bonus points?

  3. Oooo…eerie. One of my cats actually IS named Cleo, but as an abbreviated form of ‘Cleopatra,’ the other one aptly named Tony for Antony. Was it pure luck, or do you make a living announcing people’s weight and age at carnivals?

    I stumbled onto your blog by hitting the “Go to a random blog…” button about ten times in a row. Usually it directs me to something written in Czek, but yesterday I hit gold! My husband and I have just recently had a lengthy discussion on the use of ear candles (um, who thought THAT was a good idea?), as well as the hazards of discount perfume shopping, so your recent entries hit my funny bone in just the right place. I genuinely ‘lol’d’ many times, and I figure that laughter like that is worthy of my blogroll. Thanks for making me smile and keep up the good work!

  4. kylebaxter Says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words!

    I did put in a few years in the carnival, but it wasn’t as a weight guesser. I suppose I missed my calling. I was the bearded lady. Fortunately, I have very feminine features, but I really don’t have the legs for the skirts.

    So you’re a stumbler, eh? I’ve not had a chance yet to stumble through any blogs yet. I should probably make time so I can see if anyone else is thinking what I’m thinking.

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