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Roller Coaster Face September 5, 2012

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Oh, yeah. I have a blog.

     I was reminded of this fact over the holiday weekend, when every story I told was greeted by “that should go in your blog.” This is what makes me a poor blogger (bloggess?). True bloggers find a couple of paragraphs in everything that they do, whereas I have to be reminded that the things that happen in my days are interesting. This, along with my penchant for commas, separates me from the masters. Comma, comma, comma. Comma way with me.

     That, along with my natural ability to turn everything into a song, which doesn’t really translate well over the web because you can’t hear me singing or see my head-bobble dance.

But I digress.

     I’d like to say that I haven’t blogged in the past six months or so because I’ve been so busy with my new roommate, Jamie Kate. You want to see a picture? Okay, fine.


     Or I could say that I haven’t updated this site because I’ve been soooo busy at work. Sure, you can have a picture of that, too.


          But the truth is something that I learned in theatre class: the characters in a comedy don’t realize that what’s happening to them is funny. When you’re in the midst of something new and chaotic, you don’t really stop to think about the entertainment value of each experience. Kind of like when you’re on a roller coaster; you don’t realize that you’re making a crazy face until you see your picture on display in the gift shop.

          So here I go again, promenading my crazy face for all to see (all ten of you that read this, that is). I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.


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