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2 Cups of Grits August 12, 2008

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Sunday night, Vann and I had a delicious dinner consisting of bacon wrapped shrimp and cheese grits. This is one of my all-time favorite – albeit most unhealthy – meals that we can make together. Vann does the shrimp & bacon, I do the stoneground grits. Its amazing. The opportunities that we get to cook alongside each other are few and far between and I treasure them. They make me feel comfortable and give me the delusion that I have a ‘normal life.’

Unless you aren’t paying attention and you accidentally pour in the entire contents of the grits package into the saucepot that already has boiling liquid in it. Then, you feel stupid.

In case you haven’t cooked grits before, you may not be aware of the math that goes into figuring out your portions. It goes something like this: Two Cups = Enough to Feed a Small Country for One Week, Maybe Two.

Holy polenta, Batman! Fortunately for us, they are exceptionally tasty grits. So far we have had them once with dinner, twice with breakfast and made yummy little polenta fries out of them to go with lunch. Tonight’s dinner might be veggies a la grit with chocolate-dipped grits for dessert. I need to buy more floss.


One Response to “2 Cups of Grits”

  1. Diane Says:

    HAHA – I’d rather do most anything on earth than eat grits so it would be a particularly large amount for me 🙂

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