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Let the Festivities Continue May 23, 2008

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Ahh, celebration of my birth continues! 

I just got a card in the mail from a certain M. Mouse of Toontown, U.S.A., signed by the whole gang! My buddies Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Daisy and Janson all pitched in to wish me a good time and a good year. Yeah…I know people.

Then my boss asked if I could get a swing for this morning’s field trip so that we could have a private meeting. Knowing her as I do, alarm bells immediately sounded in my head…a meeting in the morning with Kelie? There has been so much craziness at work lately, I figured that this meeting could be about anything from next week to next season to her next sabbatical. As it turns out, our ‘meeting’ was a 90-minute massage at Savannah Day Spa, lunch at Zunzi’s and ice cream at Kilwin’s! Alsom!

This was absolutely THE best massage that I have ever had. She actually listened to what I said in the consultation about focusing on my feet and shoulders, she made sure that everything from music to lighting to scented oils were all to my liking, the pressure was perfect, they had fresh fruit and champagne…ahhhhh. The weather was perfect for dining al fresco at Zunzi’s (homemade hummus – yum!) and of course, every day is an ice cream day. It was nice to be reminded that, in spite of all our daily (hourly?) complications, I work with someone who truly does care about me and my well being. All in all, one of my favorite business meetings yet. 🙂


2 Responses to “Let the Festivities Continue”

  1. Josie Says:

    Dude, you are so loved! No one’s celebrating my birthday anymore and mine was only 2 days before yours! Waaaahhhh!

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re enjoying your birthday even though the month of our amazing births is almost over.

  2. Shannon K Says:

    I think we should celebrate the birth YEAR, in which we celebrate the entire YEAR until our NEXT birthday.

    That’s my opinion. Where’s my massage?

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