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I Have Returned May 12, 2008

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Yes, I have been shamefully negligent to my blog, as of late. But I’ve been busy! If it makes anyone feel better, I haven’t done laundry in a very long time either.

So, I had a birthday (yay!) and this is my first post as an older-yet-not-much-wiser-23-year-old. I had fantastic meals at Firefly Cafe, Leopold’s and Masato’s in celebration, as well as many cakes. Many, many cakes. 4 cakes, 1 dozen cupcakes, 1 pan of brownies, 1 box of Ferrero Rocher, 1 molten lava dessert and 1 melted icecream thing from Masato’s, to be exact. I work with/for a lot of people and all I ever talk about is work and food, so it makes sense that most of my gifts would be edible. Allow me elaborate on one of the ‘special’ cakes.

Last year, Bonnie got me a small round cake from the Piggly Wiggly bakery next door to the theatre. She asked the girl at the bakery to put “Happy Birthday Jenn” on the cake, but apparently the cake that Bonnie chose was too small to fit all of the letters. Unable to contact Bonnie, the cake decorator improvised and instead wrote “You’re Pretty Jenn” in sloppy cursive. The universe may never know why she chose these words as a substitute for “Happy Birthday,” but regardless, it made a funny looking cake and a good story.

Well this year, Keena decided that she would continue the Compliment Cake theme and order a large one that said “You’re Awesome Jenn.” Not to be outdone, the cake decorator woefully misspelled one word so that the cake read:


Really. I can’t make this stuff up. I’m not that funny.

My family and friends treated me to a nice array of gift cards (I get to go shopping – woot!), yummy scented candles, music, books, coffee, and of course, a plethora of desserts. Vann got me my first bicycle and opened my eyes to an entire world of two-wheeled transportation and recreation…video and photos to be shared soon! Megan gave me a Joy Book to write down all of the things that make me smile and the first entry is about how exciting it was that the pages have yellow polka-dots on them, just like the cover of the journal. The next couple of entries here will be copies of what is written in my Joy Book, so read and enJoy. They’re alsom.


4 Responses to “I Have Returned”

  1. April Says:

    You’re Back! I’m so glad! I was having Jenn Blog withdrawal, despite the fact that I was painfully aware that you barely had time to go to the bathroom – much less settle down for a good long writing session!
    Let me know if you want a shopping buddy for that nice little Mall gift card from your totally “alsome” mom (and Dad!)

  2. Diane Says:

    hehe – alsome – that cracks me up everytime I think about it….it also cracks me up that Grandma signs things like a gangster “G” so that is how I have her in my phone – whenever she calls, it makes me laugh.

  3. I think I might get her a big gold letter “G” on a chain for her next birthday.

  4. Josie Says:

    I too think you’re alsom.

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