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New People March 30, 2008

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So today’s sermon at church was about Acts 10, which is when an angel of the Lord appears to Cornelius (a new character), tells him that he has attracted God’s attention and instructs him to go to Joppa to visit a man named Simon Peter. They get together and through Simon Peter’s ministry thousands upon thousands of lives are affected, leading to a relationship between Jews and Gentiles and developing new pools of Christ-followers throughout the Mediterranean, ultimately sowing the seeds of the beginning of Roman Catholicism. In other words, this was no small event. But it would not have occurred without two strangers from opposite worlds coming together to share and accept foreign ideals and new ways of thinking.

One of the main points was that God will often place new people in your life that are chosen specifically to progress your life or the lives of others. I’d never thought about it like this before, but I suppose your life can never change or grow without new ways of thinking, which are most often introduced by people that are new in our lives.

So why am I sharing the talking points of this sermon? Because I think it greatly applies to my previous post, as well as some current roadblocks in my/our path. New people are a blessing, whether in the form of new friends, new bosses, new employees or new clients. Every time that a new person is placed in your path, you are in a position to affect their lives, or  vice versa. What a powerful thing!

Though Bonnie is moving away, I know that she will always be there for me, and I for her. However, since January, I have met two amazing women my age from completely different backgrounds and viewpoints who are quickly becoming great friends. Alternatively, SCT is in need of new staff and they are being given to us. We are finally hiring outside the comfort zone of people that we already know, which I think is fantastic. More importantly, all of us have the powerful ability to share new ideas and new ways of thinking with the each other.

I have heard more than one influential person in our community refer to this building project as ‘Kelie’s pipedream.’ At first I was angry and I wanted to ask them how they had the audacity to say such a thing while standing in the theatre that she and I and several others helped to create – a space that was considered a ‘pipedream’ by some of these same people only four years ago. Now, hearing those words fuels me with enough adrenaline to make sure that this dream does become a reality; a tangible, beautiful, successful reality that no child or family in this region can ignore!

Let me clarify one point. We should not approach that kind of small-minded thinking negatively just because someone doesn’t  understand our viewpoint. Our goal should never be to prove them wrong. Our goal should be to expose them to a greater vision and a greater hope for this area. There is a mindset that Savannah cannot sustain a large venue that thrives on local support instead of tourism, but the numbers and community response to our programs shout differently. There is more than a possibility for new growth – there is an absolute need for it.

So the next time someone presents to you an idea or a ‘pipedream’ that you find absurd, do your best to keep that information to yourself. Instead of dismissing them, join them in conversation. Ask questions and listen to what they have to say. They just might open you up to a brighter new way of thinking.

P.S. I realize that my recent posts have been reading rather like an after-school special, but that’s because I’m feeling very passionately about this right now. My schedule is not currently as busy as it usually is, which leaves me more time to think and plot about how the joy, poignancy and diversity of theatre can change the world. Oh yeah, its that big. Rest assured that when my full schedule resumes, I will return with more stories about children wearing dalmation costumes, adults in green tights flying around overhead and, most relevantly, my adventures with online Turbo Tax. I shall not wax poetic forever. 🙂


2 Responses to “New People”

  1. Diane Says:

    There is a Chinese idea about people in your life – its something called a red string or red thread, I can’t quite remember, but essentially all the people you meet in your life are connected to you through this thread. The threads are always there so eventually you meet all the people whom you are connected to – but you have to be open to the meeting and to the connection. Like you say -we aren’t always willing to open ourselves to new people and experiences..but good or bad…they shape who we are and who we become. Good luck with all the changes. It really helps to center yourself if you jump on a trampoline…I’m just saying.

  2. suzanne Says:

    Yes grasshopper…trampoline a must for clear thinking and keeping yourself centered 🙂

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