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87/41/15 March 12, 2008

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Ah, S.E.T.C. Ah, life. Ah, art.

I say this every year, but this time I really mean it; this year was the best. Firstly, it snowed, which gives the 2008 convention at least 500 cool points. There were so many people from south Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana, etc, who  ‘don’t believe in snow’ that seeing little flurries in the morning made everyone really excitable! The convention center is nothing but floor-to-ceiling windows in both the north and south lobbies, so the whole place was covered with southerners who had their noses pressed to the glass in expressions of awe, abject horror, or both. I actually got to go outside in it for a little while, but that was quite by accident and is another story in and of itself, involving myself and three other ladies trying to use the stairs instead of the elevators, getting locked in the stairwell on the 3rd floor and accidentally setting off the fire alarm when we opened the Emergency Exit Only door.

Other reasons why Chattanooga’s SETC wins cool points include the free downtown shuttle that gave us access to many yummy restaurants and various life-sized sculptures made out of brick (i.e., brick rowboat and brick sofa), Grab’n’Go breakfast and lunch stations throughout the center, this year’s theme of Celebrating Diversity in the Arts, amazing keynote speakers and presenters and an aerial silk class.

Oh yeah, that’s right. I got to take an aerial silk class. I totally learned how to do this:

Aerial Dance, Cirque du Soleil

No, that is not me. But I can totally do that, and I’ll have proof if any of the people that I bribed for photos actually send them to me. Flipping around on that silk was probably one of the neatest, most unique experiences that I have ever had. I want to run away with the circus.

 I took a ton of dance workshops, as could be expected, and while I can’t say that I really learned anything new, I do feel quite validated. Probably 9 out of every 10 exercises they did are currently in my curriculum and nearly everything that I tell my students to do or not to do, the presenters also said. Again, I can’t say that I’ve grown more as a dancer or choreographer, but I received encouragement that I am teaching my students a strong, correct technique and I had a ton of fun. It was a real treat to dance someone else’s choreography other than my own for a change.

I have a lot to write about the non-physical workshops that I attended, but that will be another evening. Every year I come back rejuvenated and full of new things that I’d like to try. I am indebted to SCT for giving me so many unsuspecting guinea pigs (piglets?) on which to experiment! 

And as for the title of this entry: Upon my return, I had 87 emails, 41 facebook requests and 15 voice messages. None of them were important. 🙂


2 Responses to “87/41/15”

  1. April Says:

    I want aerial pictures! Or a video! You are absolutely the coolest daughter! You need to keep being the wonderful person you are so I can continuue to live vicariously thru you.
    By the way, the Project Runway Finale is on again tonight!

  2. Diane Says:

    Can you do the silk thing at Easter dinner…are we having Easter dinner – has anyone heard?

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