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Funny Stuff February 25, 2008

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Okay, so I’ve had some time off today (gasp!) and I thought that I would spend it tootling around ‘the world wide interweb’ to see what funny things I may have been missing lately. And now, I share my newfound joy with you fine people that read this blog. Both of you. ūüôā

For some reason, I find ethnic stereotypes to be extremely funny. I don’t mean vulgar or crude jokes, just poking some fun at American culture in general.¬†It may help to know that I grew up in a very diverse environment and didn’t even realize that you could have whole communities of just one race until I was in middle school. Even as a member of the ‘caucasian’ community, I can say that they are, as a whole, an uptight and rhythmless people.

 Funny Thing #2 

This girl is just awesome. We hope that she grows up to be a movie critic.

Both of these sites gave me some much-needed smiles today. Now, back to my book.


One Response to “Funny Stuff”

  1. April Says:

    “Watch out for Darth Vader! He’ll get you!”
    I love It!

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