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And the winner is… February 5, 2008

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Blue 8GB iPod Nano

My dance students at SCT held a raffle fundraiser for an 8GB iPod Nano to support our dance program. The drawing was held yesterday and – hooray! – one of my students won. She is a very sweet girl and I know that it will get a lot of good use. We raised a total of $1,410 for the dance program, which is phenomenal!

What did we do with the money, you ask? Today Vann took me shopping at Audio/Video Warehouse and Circuit City for the majority of ‘the goods.’ We got four in-ceiling speakers, a stereo receiver, 5-disc CD changer, subwoofer and an 80GB iPod Classic for the studio. Best of all, it was tax-free since we are a non-profit! We will finally have a great sound system and I will no longer have to sort through hundreds of CDs just to find that one song. My personal favorite part of the whole package deal is the surround sound. No more straining to hear the beat from floor left while blasting holes in your eardrums on floor right. Because the sound is coming straight down onto the floor, we will probably be much less irritating to everyone else in the building. I always feel sorry for the people who politely ask me to turn down my classical ballet music every day at 4pm. I don’t feel at all sorry that the music may not be their cup of tea, or that it is perhaps disrupting their work; I feel sorry for them because I know that tap class begins at 5pm. 🙂 Everyone involved in the dance program needs to give Vann a big hug for his technical expertice and for volunteering his time installing the equipment for free. Huzzah!

The rest of the funds will go towards acquiring two taller barres for the more advanced flexibility students, rosin, floor tape, music and costumes. I am half-heartedly considering saving some of the money for the fall and offering Dance Team jackets or warm-up suits or something, but I may just have that included as an option for next year’s dancewear order. All in all, I would say that the fundraiser was a roaring success. I must begin planning the next one right away! Thanks to all who participated. Now I have to go put all these aforementioned ‘hundreds of CDs’ onto my laptop and then transfer them to the theatre’s iPod. The fun just never ends.


2 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. Diane Says:

    Oh – the “fun” of transferring cd’s…I still have an embarrassingly small amount of mine transfered.

  2. Noah Says:

    Quick Noah’s gone! Let’s start giving away free iPods!

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